The Right Steps to Play Poker At the Tournaments

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Tournament poker is the most romantic poker discipline. The poker strategy of the tournament game is fundamentally different from the cash game. The main difference from the cache is that in the tournament you constantly have to “survive” because of the rising blinds. Unfortunately, in the tournament game there is no tactic that is guaranteed to bring you profit, but studying the tournament strategy and working on the game will help you count on winnings in the long term, despite the short-term results. There are best poker training sites from where you will be getting the best deals and that also within the budget that you think as proper.


MTT Strategy

Large MTT beckon the newcomers with huge prize money, which can change the life and prompts the best poker players of the planet to constantly progress and compete among themselves. The strategy of MTT includes such features: the strategy of the game in the early stages, the strategy of the game in the middle stage, the strategy of playing the bubble and the final table.

Sit & Go Strategy

The key features of the tactics, which distinguish them from MTT, are the increased influence of mathematics on decision-making. Given this factor, the player needs to thoroughly study the push-fold strategy and ICM-factor.

Spin & Go Strategy

This format is extremely beloved by recreational players. The ability to win a huge jackpot in just a few minutes is the dream of any amateur. If you plan to play these tournaments on a regular basis, you should, like the case with SnG, thoroughly study poker math and play in short stacks. Find out where it is profitable to play “backs” right now.

Strategy Fifty50

The format of tournamentsis a part of the prize pool receives half of the registered players. The poker strategy for these tournaments is aimed at getting into the best half of the players to double your buy-in. Depending on the room, the prize pool can be divided either completely evenly, or by remaining chips.Any tournament can be divided into several stages. Consider the tactics of the game in the tournament at different stages:

Early stage of the tournament

The initial stage of the tournament


You just made a buy-in and got a stack. As a rule, in MTT the starting stack is 100 or more big blinds. How to play stacks of such depth?

Be patient

Use the initial stage of the MTT tournament to get more information about your opponents. Do not enter the early stages into deep and complex distributions, in which you can lose an essential part of the starting stack.

Do not steal the blinds

In the early stages, stealing blinds cannot significantly increase your stack. For example, at 25/50 levels you will have to put at least 100 -125 chips to try to win 75. In such a situation, it’s absolutely unprofitable to try to steal blinds with a border hand, because you can lose even more after the flop.