Online Dice Strategy: The Best Dice Bets

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There are many bets that can be made in the dice game. If the player makes the best bets on the dice, the advantage of the bank stands at 1.4%, a rather low percentage. The best bets that can be made to the online dice are star To the Pass Line, star To the Do not Pass Line, star To Come and star do not Come. These bets are followed by Place 6, Place 8 and sometimes Field 2 or 12 as the second bets with more options to earn money. The rest of the bets offer worse conditions to the players than those mentioned above. So they are less recommended. Even some of them are really bad for the interests of the players. You can play DADU Online to gain more professional match.

Bet Pass and Come

Having a strategy when playing dice is the best a bettor can do. It is considered a good player who plays with Pass and Come in the same round. These bets are considered the best in both online and physical casinos due to the little advantage they leave to the bank.


Dice Bets Dice Come

It is similar to the bet on the Pass Line but in this case it is taken into account what comes out after having the Point Number. You win if you take 7 or 11 after the Come bet. If you take a 2, 3 or 12 lose. There are many more options to win than to lose. Therefore, it is one of the best bets you can make.

Bet Do not Pass and Do not Come

In the Do not Pass bet the player wins when all the other members of the table lose and vice versa. It means that players who bet on Don’t Pass or Don’t Come go against the majority of players at the table, who will have opted to bet on the Pass and Come. Bet Don’t Pass can create uncomfortable situations in a physical casino. Therefore, Do not Come and Do not Pass bets are more appropriate when playing online.

A player who frequently bets on the Do not Pass Line or Don’t Pass is called the wrong bettor. But the important thing about this bet is that the advantage of the house is very low and therefore the odds of winning are greater. So, the No Pass Line option is just one of the many betting options that exist in the Dice.The bet Laying Odds or Place Probabilities is a bet that the casinos do not always offer for their null advantage.

Conclusion: star The Laying Odds bet

It is made after first placing a bet on the Pass Line or Pass Line. And once the Point has left, a double or triple bet can be made to the Pass Line or Pass Line again. This is called a on the odds bet. With this bet the player believes that the point will come out again before the 7 comes out. You can also make an Odds bet after placing bets Do not Come and Do not Pass.