Gambling in France and Brazil: the Odds

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the latest law promulgated in May 2018. Too bad, we would have bet on a nice defeat, but we will parry anyway!

We are fortunately not based in France and only for this reason: to bet online at “ALL” the bookmakers and not on what we want to involve, but on what we want, like the offers all British bookmakers for example. Freedom!

Online Sports Book

One of the goals of this online sports book guide like ทางเข้าgdwbet is also to help you use the different special online bets offered by bookmakers, even if you are in France.

Too much repression means flight of the players is the obvious and this is what is happening in Italy, yet the first country to legalize sports betting in Europe. And their legislation is much more flexible than the one currently applied in France.

We bet that given the repressive legislation currently in place, bettors have already found the parades to access bookmakers not endorsed by the authorities and accepting bettors.

On the one hand, the odds are 10 to 15% higher and on the other hand, of course, the choice of sports betting sites is amply wider, so there is more competition in the free bonuses offered and especially in level of the ratings of sports events.


You have been Warned

Warning! We do not encourage you to bet elsewhere than online bookmakers licensed to operate in France. Nevertheless, we assume that you are not idiots and that you will understand that limiting the rate of redistribution to 80-85% to the bettors under the pretext of addiction is a lure intended only to make you the difference!

You will find on this page detailed explanations of the bets “Under/Over”, the “Double result” and “Double chance”. All special bets are reported in our lexicon of sports betting.

Bet Under/Over:

An Under/Over bet refers to the total number of goals/points /run/set scored during the match. In a European football match, the proposed bet may be, for example, if the number of goals in the match will be less than or greater than 2.

In American football, the proposed bet may be: will the number of points exceed 35? Take for example the football match France/Brazil.

Bet on double result: Betting online on a double result means betting on the score at the half-time of a match as well as at the end. For example, if you bet 1/1 for the nice real match, the bet will win if Nice leads at half time and finally wins the match.